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Bobbye J. Smith, Owner, Trainer - AKC CGC Evaluator
Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Full Member


(Positive Reinforcement Dog Training) LLC

"My mission, my passion in life - through training and education, is to keep the family dog
in the family as a beloved, respected member of the family."    -- Bobbye J. Smith

A Happy Family

Every dog has some area of improvement when it comes to behavior. Every PetParent has some area of improvement when it comes to training and bonding with their dogs. Whether it's joy, pride, peace of mind, it's important to you to raise a happy and well behaved dog.

LET'S GO!! (Positive Reinforcement Dog Training) LLC will help you to be the best PetParent possible. Through an expert combination of verbal cues, hand signals and positive reinforcement LET'S GO!! uses a proven approach to help your dog learn positive, consistent behaviors and eliminate problems so you can have a better, lasting relationship.

THE RESULT: One Happy Family

Expertise makes all the difference between getting an okay and an exceptional education.

That's why LET'S GO!! only employs accredited professionals that, in addition, to their previous training experience, complete a rigorous curriculum in canine behavior, learning theory and problem solving. LET'S GO!!'s comprehensive instructor program was developed in partnership with renowned and respected animal behaviorists and pet trainers. The result is a highly effective way for you to understand not only why your pet behaves a certain way, but also how to teach positive, consistent behaviors.

Positive Reinforcement Techniques

LET'S GO!!'s training curriculum uses positive reinforcement techinques linked to visual cues to motivate behaviors. Not only is it more humane, it's more fun and effective.

Classes and Sessions for Every Life Stage

Classes and sessions are structured by life stages and skill levels, so the session of you choose will fit both you and your pet's needs. From learning the fundamentals, to complicated behaviors, LET'S GO!! makes training fun and effective so that your pet can be a better member of your family and you can be a better PetParent.


American Kennel Club - S.T.A.R. Certification


Get your new puppy off on the right paw with sessions that encourage good behaviors while helping you establish a strong bond. Key topics include:  Introduction to simple cues such as watch-me, sit, down, stay, take-it/drop-it, recall (come when called). Potty Training. Nutrition and Bonding. Basic manners - socialization with people and other dogs. Relationship forming games. Exercise techniques. Problems prevention. Tips on puppy health, grooming and nutrition. Introduction to the clicker.


 Canine Good Citizen Certification Prep Class

This session will help further develop your dog's ability to learn behaviors involving greater distance, longer duration and bigger distractions. Some of the cues taught in this session: Heeling with right and left hand turns. Stand, Park-it (go to place). Front. Otherside and Return to Side. Games: Musical mats and Dress-up.

Key topics include:  Brief review of basis cues - Adding the 3"D"s. Distance. Duration. Distraction.

Cues such as stay from a longer distance for longer periods of time.  Learning with distractions.

Relationship forming games.

This session will prepare your dog to take their Canine Good Citizen Certification Exam. If you'd ever wanted to do therapy visiting work with your dog this is the verification that will help you realize this goal.

Advanced Sessions

These sessions will help strengthen your dog's reliability in every situation. Visits to dog friendly restaurants and establishments.

Basic Agility

Fun for you and your dog. You and your dog will expand your expertise and bonding by this fun class. Basic agility will include - the Tire Jump, the Bar Jump, Weave Poles, Tunnels and more.

Rally Obedience

Fun and Games

No Refunds Issued After Sessions Begin


(Positive Reinforcement Dog Training) LLC


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