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FREE Telephone Consultation


        Got Potty Training problems?          Got questions?          Frustrated?              

Fed Up?          Got inappropriate behavior problems?

Jumping,      chewing,    barking,    digging,    nipping,

darting out of the door, crate training, pulling on the leash?

Are you ready to throw in the towel?

FREE Telephone Consultation:

Bobbye: 832-282-1686


Raising a new puppy - bringing a new adopted or rescued dog into your family is doable. Lots of people do it successfully daily. It's not always easy. It is after all a major life change. But, it should be a happy joyous time. Not a major frustration for you and your new family member.

Call me.. Leave a message with your name and phone number. Please mention that you're calling for a FREE telephone conversation. Repeat your telephone number at least twice. We promise to phone back within 24 hours. In the meantime - take a deep breath - relax - we can do this together. No strings - it's really FREE. It's important to us to help you and your new pet. We really and truly - from the bottom of our hearts want this new relationship with your puppy or dog to work. Honest.

LET'S GO!! Dog Training is Fun


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