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Puppy Training

Puppy - Beginner 101 Obedience (with Potty Training)

Guaranteed five (5) full hours.

LET'S GO!!'s sessions are designed for PetParents with new puppies or dogs who want to get started on the right track.

Sessions are held once a week so that you and your dog have the opportunity to work on each cue before new ones are added.

Behavioral issues will also be addressed within the context of training.

All members of the family are encouraged to participate.

Cues - Watch me - Sit - Down - Take it - Leave it - Drop it - Come when called
Stay - Loose leash walking - Introduction to clicker training.

Training is tailored to the client.


Key concepts include:

Motivation, communication, and building trust and respect.

Nutritional needs of a puppy.

Treats, chew toys, and crate training.

It's MUCH easier to teach good habits than it is to RE-TRAIN old habits!    


Puppy Issues addressed in Puppy 101 Obedience Training:

Potty training, jumping, chewing, barking, nipping, and digging.

Puppy - Beginner 101  - Obedience Training:

Watch me. Sit, Down, Stay, Take it - Leave it - Drop-it, and Recall (Come when called), Loose Leash walking. Introduction to Clicker Training.


Your Puppy can be a STAR:

Puppy 101 Obedience Training will prepare your puppy (under one year) to receive their American Kennel Club Puppy S.T.A.R Certification.


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LET'S GO!! (Positive Reinforcement Dog Training) LLC


This article was published on Tuesday 14 May, 2013.

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