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Great dogs aren't born; they're trained.


LET'S GO!! never uses choke chains, prong collars, shock collars or physical punishment.


LET'S GO!! 's training sessions/classes are designed for the PetParent and their dog(s). LET'S GO!!  trains YOU to train your dog to behave in the real world. LET'S GO!! teachs you how to use obedience cues to teach your dog to sit nicely for petting, walk on a loose leash or quietly wait while you answer the door. We train you to train your dog. We train household manners. We train respect for the dog and respect for the family members. We use positive reinforcement in all of our training sessions/classes.

During the learning phase, rewards are used to teach the proper response to cues, to motivate and to reward. Exercises set the dogs up for success. As the dogs succeed, the PetParents do, too; thereby creating an atmosphere of accomplishment and fun.

Compliance is taught through the principles of canine communication, eye contact, posture and movement. Dogs, as pack animals, respect and expect leadership. Using these principles, dogs are taught gently and effectively that you are the leader. The result is response the first time, every time.

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