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Penny Stewart Ward:):):):):)5 stars

My first dog was a dream and was just pretty close to perfect. We had to put her to sleep after a quick illness. Being a dog lover, I decided that I needed another dog. I found the sweetest puppy. Her only problem turned out to be that she was part devil behind that sweet face. The only thing to do was training and pray that it would help. Classes were so fun and my dog actually enjoyed them. She learned so much just the first time. Ms. Bobbye has a true gift. I think she speaks dog but just doesn't let anyone know. We completed the first class with graduation caps and all! We went back to more and more. Give you and your dog a chance with Let's Go. You certainly will not regret it!
Marge Wall:):):):):)5 stars If you are looking for a trainer that will work with you, your family & your puppy/dog to make your pet the perfect companion, LET'S GO!! is exactly what you need. I have used LET'S GO!! for over 8 years to train 4 dogs from S.T.A.R. Puppy through Canine Good Citizen certification.

LET'S GO!! is knowledgable, professional, and dependable. I highly recommend them..YOU WILL BE PLEASED.
Judy Rose Bland McElwany:):):):):)5 stars Bobbye has been very instrumental in guiding us with our foster dogs as well as our own personal furkids! Bobbye Smith has been blessed with a wonderful gift. She's a very loving, patient, and compassionate trainer, and is dedicated to providing the best training for your pet! Oh, you can shop around, but when you're ready for the best training ever....You'll see that you won't find that special quality until you meet Bobbye Smith!! Remember: Let's Go!!!! It's really above the rest!!!
Sarah Seitz:):):):):)5 stars
When I got my first pup, an adorable 10-week-old golden retriever, I spent the first couple months in a state of hysteria. Every day, I would say to myself, "I have survived another day". I nicknamed her Mollie Monster (the name stuck, but luckily the behavior didn't!).

Desperate to find someone who could get this "devil dog" to behave, I called every trainer around town. Bobbye was the most knowledgeable & accommodating, and her philosophy seemed to jive with my own personal beliefs.

When Bobbye came over the next day (Hallelujah!), she thought I was insane. Here was my Mollie Monster sitting at attention, lying down, rolling over, doing acrobatics--all for these magical Pupperoni treats. As a new pet parent, I was absolutely amazed.

In about 2 minutes, it became clear that I was the one who needed the training! Bobbye apologized in dog language to my sweet girl Mollie for my ineptitude, and took me under her wing. Life has been smooth sailing ever since. I can honestly say that Bobbye has changed our lives, and given me a lifelong friendship that I would have never had otherwise. I cannot thank her enough!
Charlotte Canson Hoya:):):):):)5 stars Bobbye is a top notch teacher! She is knowledgeable and patient with both the dogs and their parents, but her absolute devotion to the animals is what really sets her apart. I was fortunate enough to benefit from her classes for several years, and it made me a much better pet parent. Your dog deserves a benevolent pack leader, and Bobbye can teach you how to become one!
Kelsey Lisle:):):):):)5 stars  Having personally worked with Bobbye as a fellow pet trainer, I know what a great trainer she is! She is passionate and incredibly knowledgeable in all things dog! Great ethic, great price...just Great!!!
Marie Baker Fishbourne:):):):):)5 stars My family and I could not be happier with our decision to use LET'S GO. Bobbye is the most compassionate, encouraging, motivating and completely knowledgeable trainer anybody could every wish to find. We had the very best experience (it was fun too) with our excellent 'at home learning program' created by Bobbye. This wonderful lady taught us to love our dog as well as train her and now we love Bobbye too.
Cathryn Wood Bennett:):):):):)5 stars We took training lessons from Bobbye for several years. We absolutely love her and her training techniques. We highly recommend her to everyone that we talk to that has a dog.
Stacey Bartis :):):):):)5 stars It was a very important mission for us to provide our four legged family member with TLC and training. Therefore, we diligently researched and found the best trainer with an excellent track record, years of experience, and greatest compassion for dogs. Bobbye Smith of LET'S GO! dog training certainly has gone above and beyond in providing us with the knowledge and skills to keep our dog safe and happy. Thank you so much Bobbye!
Leslie Heinsohn :):):):):)5 stars The gift of healthy training creates a lifelong bond between pet and pet parent. RUN... don't walk... to Let's Go!! Positive Reinforcement Dog Training! Bobbye is the kindest, most compassionate person you will ever meet. The lessons she taught my dog have carried us through our most challenging times. It's never too early (nor too late) to begin training... and there is no better place than under Bobbye's watchful eye! Ready, Set, Let's Go!! ♥ 5 starThe gift of healthy training creates a lifelong bond between pet and pet parent. RUN... don't walk... to Let's Go!! Positive Reinforcement Dog Training! Bobbye is the kindest, most compassionate person you will ever meet. The lessons she taught my dog have carried us through our most challenging times. It's never too early (nor too late) to begin training... and there is no better place than under Bobbye's watchful eye! Ready, Set, Let's Go!! ♥
Angie Dean :):):):):)5 stars I honestly believe LET'S GO!! made all the difference in our relationship with our four legged babies! Bobbye is the most honest and professional trainer I've ever met and I would recommend her and LET'S GO!! above anywhere else. Everything our Lil knows and does (a surprising amount of fun tricks and commands that help out on a daily basis) we owe to Bobbye. Definitely give LET'S GO!! and Bobbye J. Smith a call if you need dog training!
Martha Wilson Buckner :):):):):)5 stars Bobbye did a great job of training us to train Ruger, our Golden Retriever. She taught us how to read his body signals and recognize what motivates him to do what we want him to do. I think all three of us (Ruger, my husband and I) all looked forward to the weekly training sessions - they were a highlight of the week. By the end of training, he was so proud of himself he would prance on his leash instead of walk. Even years later, Bobbye has made herself available for a phone consult (with a new dog) and remembers Ruger by name every time we see her again. Although we have moved, in my mind, she's still our trainer.
Kristy Johnson Simon :):):):):)5 stars  Highly recommended! Bobbye is very compassionate about animals and I would recommend her to anyone. Our dog was our first baby and he has acclimated to two children and a 3rd on the way and I am sure that the skills we learned with Bobbye and continue to utilize has helped make all of these transitions much easier for our little pup!  From basic to advanced training Bobbye can help any dog become part of a family ;)
Kathy Nichols Reynolds :):):):):)5 stars   I didn't realize exactly how timid my Petey was until we went to our first puppy training class. He sat under my chair and shook for almost the whole class! Bobbye was so very patient with him (and me). We kept it up though and during the third class, something clicked. He decided to participate, Bobbye described it as a "I CAN do this" look. He did so well finishing out the puppy class that we went on to get his Good Citizenship! Since then, I've taken 2 of my other dogs to Bobbye... and will continue with every new fur-faced member of our family. Let "LET'S GO!!" improve your life by training you how to train your dogs - both manners and tricks!
James Bushman:):):):):)5 stars  Bobbye is the best trainer ever! She was responsible for turning our 9 month old high energy yellow lab Cooper into the best trained dog I've ever owned. People always asked who had trained him and I was always happy to pass along Bobbye's contact information. She treats all of the dogs with love and compassion and shows that they can indeed be trained through positive reinforcement. She treated Cooper as part of her family throughout the training process and continued to do so even after we stopped taking him to classes. I couldn't recommend Let's Go!! more highly for anyone looking for a trainer.
Linda Farquhar:):):):):)5 stars Don't know what we would have done without Bobbye and her guidance when we brought in our street dog, Molly, three years ago. And Bobbye was there again to help us successfully introduce our rescue Charlie into the household a year ago. She is caring and compassionate to both the pups and the pup parents alike! We strongly support and recommend Let'sGo!! and Bobbye's positive reinforcement philosophy of training.
Kristine Newton Wanzeck :):):):):)5 stars Bobbye is a fantastic trainer! She began working with our Black Labrador, Molly, about 5 years ago. Not only did Bobbye make each session fun for the 'pet parents', she made it fun for all of the dogs while they learned many many commands and behavior modifications. Bobbye was able to help us with Molly's severe separation anxiety offering us several training and home modifications we could make which still help us even 5 years later.

Bobbye always shows such love and kindness to here students. Our Molly adores Bobbye and still gets excited to see her when she gets the chance. Thank you, Bobbye, for sharing all of your knowledge and skill with our puppy Molly. (and us too ;)
Michele Koethke Wolosyn  :):):):):)5 stars We have had a wonderful experience with Bobbye and Let's Go! I'm so happy to have her available to help with my dog training. We highly recommend her!
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