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In October 2009 Bobbye participated and trained 40+ Pit Bulls in a program that aims to change culture of pit bull ownership. "Tricks for Pits" aims to change the culture of pit bull ownership in urban areas where misuse of the animals and dog-fighting are prevalent. Forty plus pit bulls and their teenage owners enrolled in the first two classes.

Thirty-six graduated the ten week course and four went on to obtain their American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Certification. Harris County Public Health Veterinary Division started the classes after seeing a significant increase in the number of pit bulls being abandoned, pit bull bites and police calls concerning vicious members of the breed. All of the pit bulls were vaccinated for free prior to class. Only one of the 40+ pit bulls had ever been vaccinated.

During the then weeks of class 85% of the pit bulls were spayed or neutered. Choke chains, prong collars and electric collars were NOT used for training. All training was done with no-slip collars and six foot regular leads.

Train Don't Chain - Off the Chain on the Leash.

LET'S GO!! Dog Training is Fun


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